Cave Mountain Observatory Retreat (CMOR) is located in the Seneca Rocks/Spruce Knob National Forest. It has 10 cleared acres of land on the top of Cave Mountain dedicated to observation and recreation. It is located at 2620 feet elevation and within 2 1/2 hours of Northern Virginia. Within 30 minutes there are outstanding recreational activities available including hiking, climbing, fishing, caving and canoeing. CMOR is structured as a private vacation retreat. To use the site you will join the group and pay a refundable initiation deposit and annual fee. Members of the group will have year round private access to a gated observing site in one of the darkest areas on the east coast. The retreat will be developed over time to include more facilities and observing opportunities.


During the first phase of development there will be camping and a shower/outhouse. Members will also be able to use several scopes that will stored on-site including a 10" and 8" Dob, binos and eyepieces.


In the second phase, we will add micro-cabins, pads and piers for scopes and a roll off observatory . We will also increase the number and type of scopes available and include imaging equipment. Private placement of small observatories by members on the site will also be possible at additional cost.


Eventually in phase three, we plan to build a cabin that will serve as a community center with kitchen, bathrooms, showers, fireplace, storage and meeting room.


The pace of development will be dictated by the quantity of members who join. Phase two will start when we reach 20 members.

For more info email (info "at" . There is a site on yahoogroups with more info including fees, bylaws and membership application: